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BBC Year 3 & 4 Father & Son Fishing Weekend 2017 Review

...it was off to Hinze Dam for the Brisbane Boys’ College (BBC) Father & Son Fishing and Adventure Weekend. After a recent cold snap, we were greeted at Hinze by the first roll-over of the season. The water was a dark chocolate colour. This occurs when the water on the surface becomes cooler than the water on the bottom, and subsequently, the warmer water (from the bottom) moves to the top, and in the process, drags mud from the bottom with it. It’s convection current theory in practice. 

However, even though the group was fishing in somewhat dirty water, they still managed to work as a team and catch enough fish for their dinner. The radio communication certainly assists the team work element for groups searching for fish. The group quickly worked out that the best catches were occurring in 3-4m of water, as opposed to the usual 8-10m depth catch range. And the best catches were being made close to the boat ramp…even better, less distance to travel and more fishing time. The catch comprised of Australian bass and the odd eel-tailed catfish. Nothing else was landed apart from these two species. The best bass measured 48cm. Back at the campsite, the boys had the job of bread crumbing the fillets, as the group sat down for a meal of fresh fish and chips before toasting some marshmallow over the fire for dessert.