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Churchie Year 1-3 Father & Son Fishing Weekend 2017 Review

Beautiful warm weather and stable conditions resulted in excellent catch rates at Hinze dam during the final weeks of winter. A large group to take advantage of the favourable conditions was the Anglican Church Grammar School, who participated in a father and son fishing and adventure weekend. The group fished the upper reaches of the dam and focused on either the timber structure in the water or the clearer, slightly deeper water off the points.  The most successful catches came when fishing in the depth range of 8-10 metres.  The fish were hovering close to the bottom, so one-ball paternoster rigs with Mustad size 4 bigmouth hooks was the method used. And live shrimp was used as bait. This combination proved too good for several quality Australian bass. There were quite a few bass that measured over the 40cm mark, with the largest measuring 49cm. Young Harry Scott managed to land a 40cm bass for his first fish, which was later followed up with the catch of the day, being the 49cm specimen. It’s always great to see young boys out fishing with their dad, but it’s even better when they’re catching fish like that. 

Hinze dam is an electric-only fishery. The group set out in a combination of electric-powered tinnies and canoes. All boat and canoes carry radios, and it wasn’t long before the first call came through that the fish were on. For this group, the catch was consistent throughout the day, which tends to be the case in winter, albeit, our winters seem to be getting hotter. On this particular day, the temperature hit 29 degrees and there was no wind. You couldn’t have asked for a better winter’s day.

Hinze dam is part of the state government’s stocked impoundment permit scheme and each family in this program purchased a weekly permit, which cost $10. Around 75% the funds go back into restocking the dam. It is a user-pays system, that works well. Many anglers employ catch and release tactics, however, this group had dinner in mind and kept enough for a meal. Once the dinner quota was reached, all fish were returned to the water. It was emphasised that you don’t need to take more than you need.

The group decided to call it a day mid-afternoon, so it was then back to the campsite to prepare the fish for dinner. During these programs, the boys always have the job of breadcrumbing the fillets. The meal always tastes better if the kids are involved in the preparation, and they did well. The end result was a tasty meal of fresh fish and chips. And of course, dessert was toasting marshmallows over the camp fire. It doesn’t get much better than that!

It’s always great being part of these school-community groups. There were only a few dads and sons that hadn’t attended a weekend in previous years, so it was good to catch up with everyone again. It makes for a very social weekend. Special thank you to Gavin Darwin and the Anglican Church Grammar School, commonly known as Churchie, for once again supporting this weekend. The school has now been involved in the program for the past 17 years.