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BBC Year 5 & 6 Father & Son Fishing Weekend 2017 Review

There were two father and son groups fishing the upper reaches of Hinze with Sports Tuition on consecutive weekends last month, but oh, what a difference a week can make. The first group to hit the water was the students in Years 5 & 6 at Brisbane Boys’ College (BBC) who were fishing with their dads.  They focused on the timber structure in the dam and worked regions where the weed line congregated on the outside edge of the timber. This group kept enough fish for dinner and dinner was all sorted after the first two hours on the water, so the group employed catch and release tactics thereafter.  The fish were literally jumping in the boat. The strike rate was excellent. We normally use live shrimp for our fishing programs, however, disaster struck with the last water change of the night for this group, and 90% of the live bait ended up dying. It was devastating. Live shrimp are fickle creatures, that’s for sure. And even though the centre where we were staying had tank water, it just didn’t agree with the shrimp. A painful lesson learned; stick to the dam water. So the group mainly used fresh dead shrimp, but that was how good the fishing was, it didn’t matter. Everyone caught plenty.