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Churchie Year 4 Father & Son Fishing Weekend 2017 Review

The boys from Churchie Year 4 hit the water with their dads and fished the upper reaches of Hinze Dam. The fishing was excellent the weekend prior and the group fished the same areas, but conditions changed. It was very hot and the wind was pushing the weed around the dam. Weed congregated on the barriers across the dam, and at some barriers it was 20m deep. The electrics struggled to push the boats through, which ultimately restricted the fishing area of offer. Even though the group had plenty of live shrimp, the fish were just not biting. The first day was nothing short of disastrous. Only 6 good fish were landed with the best going 40cm. A few more were caught the following day, with a 42cm specimen being the catch of the day. Some nice fish, definitely, but just not enough action for my liking. It was a good thing the boys also got an opportunity to enjoy a canoe paddle with their dad as well as firing a few arrows on the archery range and taking on the challenge of the milk crate climb. And even though the fish didn’t cooperate on this particular weekend, it was still an enjoyable weekend of father and son time. When conditions suddenly change, there is really nothing the angler can do about it. That’s fishing and there is always next time!