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St Margaret's Years 4-6 Father & Daughter Fishing Weekend 2018 Review

Once again it was a pleasure to host the Fathers and Daughters of St Margaret’s. On this occasion, the weather wasn’t kind, and we lost half a day’s fishing. Fortunately, the group all managed to fish up until lunch time on the first day and then for the final two hours of light before dark. Those who ventured out after the rain all experienced exceptional fishing and the quality of the yellowbelly they brought back for dinner was testimony to that. It was clear skies for the Sunday too, which was a nice way to finish. The group also took part in some adventure activities, which helps break up the weekend, so the girls are not out in the boats for the whole time. During the rain delay, some of the families headed to Queen Mary Falls, which they thoroughly enjoyed. The rain hit again on the Saturday night, but the campsite has a large shelter area and the fire drums were moved underneath, so the girls didn’t miss out on toasting their marshmallows over the fire. Even in the average conditions, none of the spirits of the group were dampened. It was another very enjoyable, and social, weekend with St Margaret’s. I look forward to next year’s event.